Moodboards brings together Ireland’s best loved interiors magazine and Crown’s passion for colour, to present a collection inspired by everything we love – style, texture and, of course, colour.


Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant

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Pine Forest

Take a deep breath and step into this palette of fresh leafy nature-inspired hues, which feel calm, harmonious and at one with the outdoors.

Warm Blue

Traditional and grounded, blue is always the go-to colour that pairs well with warm woods and rich mustard yellows, looking contemporary yet classic in your home.

The Natural Palette

Look to shades of honey, caramel, grains, creams and whites for the new neutrals of today, tomorrow and beyond.

Dark Fruit

Add spice to your home with this warm and energising collection of hues that work so well in any scheme. Think plaster pink, burnt terracotta and spiced ochres.

Candy Crush

Lighten and lift your living space with powdery hues and ice-cream shades that look good enough to eat. Think sorbet greens, sweet shop pinks and bubblegum blues. 

Our Moodboards collection comes from the things we see and love that inspire us. The utmost effort has gone in to researching this collection to ensure we deliver colours that are truly special, all with the commitment that you will get them in the highest quality paints.